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Floyd Mayweather

may weather

Floyd Mayweather is considered as one of the greatest casino players in his hometown of Las Vegas. Casino bosses revel in his nickname Money because he’s prepared to lose it. The gambling compulsion is so good that odds-provider RJ Bell predicted that he would bet $5 million to win his latest battle, the game against UFC star Conor McGregor; ESPN later revealed that he was trying to bet $400,000 on himself. However, the M Resort in Vegas declined to take his wager, recognizing concerns that it might have been illegal.

Not to be turned down, Mayweather sent down a friend to bet on his behalf. He succeeded in betting $87,000 on behalf of the champ. A source noted that the limit was so small that “[ Mayweather ] was mad.” His sorrow was certainly magnified after winning the battle and losing out on a second, important, windfall.

Mayweather hosted a $300,000 blackjack tournament in the Bahamas late last year and made it clear that this game is no stranger to him. The fighter is actually known to bet as much as $100,000 per side. He went so far as to say to the Daily Telegraph, “I want to go to locations alone, I want to go to the casino alone and play blackjack.”

Alex Rodriguez



Alex the baseball superstar might not precisely be the perfect athlete, given the numerous disputes that seem to surround him even now, but if there is one thing that even his haters will agree with, it would be the reality that he loves to play. Rodriguez was and potentially still is actively engaged in playing high-stakes poker matches, except for his supposedly even more contentious betting habits. For now, we are going to leave the decision on the legality of those matches to the authorities!. Moreover, he still continues playing high stakes poker games both online as well as land-based casino’s.

Michael Jordan

michael jordan

If it did not start with one of the most prominent pro-athletes ever to be associated with casinos and gambling, this list wouldn’t feel right. Right from a moment when he was the NBA’s greatest star so far when he’s a common name in high-stakes matches all around the globe; Michael Jordan and his gambling tales demonstrate that he really enjoys betting and gambling. In addition to direct betting, Jordan also has company stakes at the Ilani Casino Resort in Washington, where you’ll find one of Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse restaurants. He also accepted that he involved in betting of over $165,000 night before his major basketball match.

John Daly

jon daly

John Daly is one of the famous pro-golf player, who has publicly accepted the game, and his autobiography includes some stunning bets he has made over his whole life. He favors slots when he’s in a casino and has earned lots of cash while playing, he might have lost nearly 60 million dollars. The nice thing about the guy is that he never owed cash to individuals too much, despite the love for gambling. The value of John Daly is still above 2 million dollars and is commendable considering the loss over the years.

Charles Barkley

charles barkley

Charles Barkley another basketball player who publicly confessed to ESPN that he too had closely associated with “a gambling issue” like Michael Jordan, who loves casino very much. While in 2008, he had mentioned he was going to stop playing good, there is a great deal of doubt that these words were put into stone! Since then he hasn’t discovered his way to traditional casinos, but no one would be surprised if he had the anonymity that online casinos now offer to gamblers.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

Do you know how much English footballer Wayne Rooney lost in a casino in Manchester in just two hours? He lost £ 65,000, which would be enough to put many of us out of business in 2008, but probably he didn’t even feel it, given that in two weeks he earned approximately more. You should know if you think that’s too much that he was spending £500,000 a week or two ago, and he probably didn’t feel too much regret, given the £ 13 million wages he receives alone from the Manchester United. The love of Wayne Rooney is well documented online for the casino.

Mario Balotelli


Not everyone who is profoundly poked is self-consciously in it. Mario Balotelli seems to be a soft side in the sharing of the riches of casino gains formerly a Manchester City Football club forward and current Nice player at Ligue 1 in France.  He met a homeless guy outside after pocketing 25,000 pounds from a Manchester Gambling Cab and made himself a week by peeling a cool 1000 pounds and handing it to the needy guy. “The tramp can’t trust his fortune,” a spectator said. “That was the concept of a nice and happy player, Mario delivered him with a wad of notes.


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