This is a card game originating from India. The game is also called Katti over there.

Games Objective

Now let’s define the meaning of the word Andar Bahar, “Andar” is nothing but a Hindi word which means inside, but here it’s used as the reference to the left side cards. “Bahar” means outside & here it refers to the right side cards. Mostly luck plays a major role in this game, but a certain amount of knowledge is needed before getting into Andar Bahar.

The game’s objective is to guess the outcome of a specific card & on which side it will appear. Betting can also be placed on the dealer’s cards.

Rules of the Game

The win-loss ratio for this game remains at 50 percent. Only a single pack is used for the game, the player is required to choose the side on which he wishes to place the bet ( Andar/Bahar). The cards are dealt with once, the sides are chosen by the player, the cards are split in half or 13 each. The player has to choose a card out of it & should select the spot on which he believes the card from the other half will appear. For the game to begin a minimum amount should be placed as a bet.

All you need to know about gameplay

The game begins as the players bet a minimum bet, they are allowed to select a from the pack. The cards are dealt on the Andar & Bahar sides one after the other. The game ends when the dealt card matches the player’s selected card.

The game follows a certain rule on how the cards are dealt with,

If the 1st card is of a black suit (Spade/Clover) – It’s dealt from the left side/Andar

If the 1st card is of a Red suite (Diamond/Heart) – It’s dealt from the right side/Bahar

In some rounds players are allowed to bet on the dealer’s cards too.

The result is based upon the suits rather than the card’s number. If multiple players play the game then the play continues till all the players face a certain outcome.

How to raise bets

The players can raise their bets while they are on the game by clicking on a higher valued chip, then choose their card.

Additional Bets?

Additional bets can be placed till the table has reached its maximum. This is an option provided for the players to exploit their betting chances. Additional bets are to be placed on a certain card by the player and a chip of his desired betting value should be chosen. The amount should be decided and confirmed before any further proceedings of the gameplay.

Minimum & Maximum Limit

The table minimum for a single round is 20 Indian Rupees.

The table maximum for a round is 10,000 Indian Rupees.


The payouts for Andar Bahar is solely dependent upon the player’s effectiveness in guessing the card’s number & side’s.

In the case where the selected card appears on the side where the card was 1st dealt, the payout is 90% (i.e) if the player’s bet amount is 100 Rupees then the payout will become 190 Rupees.

Whereas, if the selected card appears on the other side the payout is a staggering 100% (i.e) if the player’s bet amount is 100 Rupees then the payout will become 200 Rupees.

Go on test your luck right now, all you’ve got to do is register & play this amazing game in a genuine Andar Bahar Site.

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