Rules of the Game

The game begins when the player touches the denomination of the game on the screen.
Select the game you wish to play
You can start to play a hand, just click the “Play Max Credits” option
To hold a card, select the cards by touching on the video screen or by clicking the “Hold/Cancel” button
If you want to cancel it, just touch it again or hit the option below
Save the selected cards while replacing the other cards with new ones by clicking on the “Deal/Draw” option
If you want to double up your win, select the “Double Up” button

Keep up with us & you will be able to learn everything you will need to know about the game, as a beginners guide this article will help you to prepare for a nice game of Video Poker.

A game on the screen

Video Poker is just like your slot machine game at a casino but it requires a little bit more of an understanding because it’s a bit complicated than just pulling a lever and waiting for your return. It sure is a casino game and hella lot of fun but just don’t get into the idea that you will win bags of money just by playing this screen game without proper knowledge.

You should make some important decisions to get this game to cough up real cash so pay attention to the article cuz it will hugely determine your win/lose percentage.

The difference between video poker and classic poker is that in video poker you will face your opponent in the screen (i.e) the machine. It gives the players an opportunity to win more with less. The odds are mind-blowing when compared with other casino games. The player is a lucky guy if he opts for a video poker because it gives him 5 times more of an edge to hit the jackpot compared with the slot machines.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or better is the widely popular version of video poker.

This version, requires you to hold a pair of jacks at the least to claim your win. All the other inferior value to a pair of jacks are worthless while the superior values lead to the payoff of as per the scale.

Following are the usual pay for a game of Jacks or Better but make sure the rules on your machine before you begin your play –

  • Royal Flush will get you 250x
  • Straight Flush will get you 50x
  • Four of a kind will get you 25x
  • Full House will get you 6x-9x
  • Flush will get you 5x-6x
  • Straight will get you 4x
  • Three of a Kind will get you 3x
  • Two Pair will get you 2x
  • Pair of Jacks or Better will get you

You will be paid only on the basis of your biggest hand value and not for the other variations.

Other Variations

Today with the help of digitization and smartphones there are various versions of the game on mobile phones and online casino games.

Don’t be discouraged, all these games follow the general 53 card deck model. Only a slight variation which includes wild cards – Deuces or Joker’s Wild.



It’s an effective method to maximize your winning amount. It’s very rare to get a royal flush or four aces, all you need to do guess against your dealer’s cards once or twice correctly because with a royal flush or four aces pair the payout ratio is a staggering 800:1.


Familiarize yourself with the pay table before you engage yourself into the game on a machine or on a site, this will hugely impact your game result. Unlike slots, Video poker is far more guaranteed to bring you a home run for sure if you are able to play the game with your head rather than your instincts.


Always practice before jumping into the field, “Practice makes perfect”.
Play a lot of free games before going into the wild, this will help you to really get a good grip of the game.

So, go grab a mobile device and let our Pokering adventure begin!

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