Puducherry is on the road to Legalizing Casinos, but Faces Opposition From LG!


After three years of dithering and debates, the Union Territory of Puducherry could be on the road to legalizing and authorizing casinos in the State.According to media reports, while Lieutenant Governor (LG) Kiran Bedi has raised objections to the proposal that the government should keep the’ wolf of gambling’ away from a sacred and pristine Puducherry, even though the elected government led by Chief Minister V Narayanasamy has almost made up its mind to allow casinos in the state to promote tourism.

Bedi also said that allowing casinos would affect the standard of domestic and foreign visitors, in addition to creating social issues.Nevertheless, Narayanasamy said that Bedi has no authority to determine if casinos should be permitted in the territory and added that various locations such as Goa, Sikkim, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore have casinos that draw tourists.He added that the LG has a revengeful mindset and that Puducherry is in desperate need of funds and approval to allow lotteries, casinos and breweries to strengthen the state treasury.

Nonetheless, the chief minister stated that the legislative assembly will take a final decision as to whether or not casinos and breweries will be permitted in the state.

Specifically, since 2016, Puducherry’s government has been looking into the possibility of allowing casinos within their territory. Narayansamy had indicated in July 2016 that, after assuming charge as CM, he was prepared to allow offshore casinos in the UT to promote tourism, on the lines of Goa.


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