Seven Types of players you’d Meet in an Online Casino


Hey fellow gamblers! I hope you’re having a great day or night, whatever Guys guys, Please don’t be offended, I was just trying to be like a random dude that you’d meet in an online casino. Alright! I think I’m getting in the groove, pack your bags, let’s go for a ride!

I guess everyone’s been to that place, that faceless but fully occupied dark place, where people can be like whatever they wanna be or just be themselves! Nooo, I’m not talking about dreams Jimmy, “please stop playing with me when I’m tryna focus on an article”.

Sorry guys! That was my subconscious, he won’t disturb us anymore. Now, please bear with me while we prepare ourselves for making some heavy random judgments on people’s lives, trust me it would be a nice ride, we gonna cruise through it merrily!

Online Casinos are fun places to spend some quality time with some quality dime, rhymes haha! (please don’t judge me while we judge others, please!).

But you’ll meet a lot of faceless strangers who’ll be like the nicest or the weirdest, it depends upon the weirdness of oneself, it’s because people tend to be in their true form (haha….Jimmy goes like- “wise words brother, Amen!”).

What we’ve done is, we’ve created a category for each type and have come up with this wonderful article. (it’s a nice way of saying that we judge people full time, yeah, you heard it nice & loud, we judge people, that’s what we do (with a comic villain background music).

So, the list goes like this

The Novice

Everybody, literally everybody has been in this category, some refuse to move on (lol). These players are like a newborn child, exploring the world, I mean the online casino, they are chill & fun. They place bets with high hopes & with heavy doubts btw, sometimes they tend to ask silly doubts though, “Hey! Don’t get mad, told ya right! they are like a child”.

The Oldtimers

Respect, I’ve got nothing but respect for ‘em! They are usually 50 ish. They are like sensei, they chop anything that moves, they rule the underground world of….. oops Sorry, I just completed watching Narnia. Alright, Let’s put on our judgment shades again. As I was saying, these guys are masters of the game & know a lot, literally a lot (coz they are in their 50s, duh!).

The Poor

Got ya! It’s not what you think, it’s a category reserved for all those unlucky geezers, I included 🙁

These are people who might be rich in cash but god, they truly suck man! They have a bad reputation & luck is like mars to them (not even moon), it’s that far away & they have lost sight of it. They play with all their energy but something just keeps on pulling ‘em back from hitting the jackpot. If you make it to this category, We’re so sorry guys, may God be with us (not luck, that’s for sure lol) Rip!

The Penny Pincher

“Ah! Wait lemme count my dimes before I check-in, 1,2,3..alright that’s enough”, this here my friends, are those guys who love to keep a close check on their wallet, too close. At first, they might seem to be all in, they show unnatural enthusiasm until they begin betting, this is when we get to see their true energy (smh). These people don’t do much damage either, so it’s safe to say that “have a good time when get to meet ‘em!”.

The Angry Bird

Oh come on, Don’t tell me you’re this guy, please! You’re not? Thank God.
These guys are like natural repellers, I literally try to stay away from ‘em. They’ll easily lose their temper & go ballistic on everyone and everything (to be precise). Have you played the game, angry bird? Yeah? These guys are like those birds, but with a difference, they’ll try to hit you with either words or heads (lol, like the birds) in real life. It seems like they love to stay angry, I don’t know why though.

The Ghost

They simply don’t exist, as a matter of fact I do believe in spirits though but these are the type of players who swoops in for a minute and for an unknown reason evaporates in thin air.
Read carefully & you’ll be blessed with wisdom (pun intended)
“One sec he’ll be here, one sec there, but never care coz he’ll do this forever”
They are in a way, a good conversation starters for the real guys to get comfortable in the table, “thank you, ghost!”

The Mellow

This are the type of people that needs to be with me 24/7, coz I’m the chillest dude to ever walk this planet, haha just kidding. These guys are really a piece of work, a rare gem, to say. They be like, “yeah whatever bro! Just take care of your life though”.

This is the attitude that we all need, trust me. Be calm, live, love.


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