Would the Department of Tourism Allow Casinos in the State of Karnataka?


Ravi said that after protecting the interest of the local people, only foreign tourists would be permitted to gamble at the planned station. He told the press, “the gambling facility would be a limited one, and it would be set up in such a way as to draw only the tourist crowd.” Nevertheless, despite opposition from the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs of the Union, Prahlad Joshi, who has said, “There is no need to turn Karnataka into a gambling den,”

Ravi made a cautious statement saying, “I do not explicitly support the idea. I’ve been fighting for new ways to encourage state tourism. In the media only my connection to gambling stations was highlighted… Gambling Station is counter to Indian culture. Though, there is a need to prevent India from spending money on gambling stations abroad, “he said, as reported in another Deccan Herald article.

Ravi said earlier, “Since government budgets prioritize food, education, sanitation, basic amenities, and infrastructure, the Department of Tourism must come up with new ideas that can increase revenue.”

Earlier the minister too indicated that they are looking to build the station with facilities that suit the world’s famous gambling destinations. He said the project would be guided by the investors and the government would simply formulate policies and track their activities.

Regarding the gambling station’s location, Ravi added, “It will only be permitted at a particular location where the government approves.”

Nevertheless, the opposition Congress party was swift to condemn the proposal and denounced Ravi’s remarks, arguing that legalizing casinos in the state would go against Karnataka’s history and culture.

Earlier, even Goa Ports minister Michael Lobo has proposed authorizing the expansion of casino activities on Mandovi River in Goa and the development of new casinos on rivers such as Chapora and Zuari to produce a license and GST revenue for their state.

Lobo also supports the idea of legalizing Matka’s famous game in Goa to aid shut down Matka’s illegal state activities and boost government coffers.

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