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Welcome to CasinoIndia a site that offers best collections of online casino games which also includes most familiar blackjack games. Blackjack game is also being one of the best leading online casino game and attracts more amount of gambling players and makes the players turn towards the game. Blackjack game rule is more simple and easy to understand. The goal of the blackjack game is not only getting closer to 21 and also you have to beat your dealer and make money as much as possible.


Our Free Casino Blackjack Games:

Without doing signup You can straight away start to play our risk-free blackjack card games. You will get the real-time experience in our free blackjack games as like you play on online casino sites, the only difference is you are playing without investing any money. When you play free blackjack games that will give you some experience and makes you stay in a comfortable position for you to bet in real money blackjack games. All of our free blackjacks games are offered by the world top most online gaming providers. They are not only being one of the best in providing the high-quality game and also in following the gaming regulations. You no need to wait for the game to download. We know it will frustrate game players. To avoid this we have made it simple. Just enable flash player in your system or on your supporting device and enjoy playing blackjack games in our site.


How To Play Blackjack Online Games Free?

If you are going to play our free Blackjack game for the first time, don’t get panic. We will give a detailed guideline for you to play the game.


Our Quick Guide To Play Our Free Blackjack Games & Blackjack Rules:

  • Start your Blackjack card gameplay journey by selecting any one of our free blackjack game.
  • Now the time arrived for you to bet. Before the start of the game, you will be credited with the amount of $2000. You can make a minimum bet amount of $1 and a maximum bet amount of $1000 in our free casino blackjack games.You will have betting amount option of $1, $5, $10, $25, $100, $500, $1000.
  • Choose your betting amount as you wish and just select it and then place your bet on the table and move further by pressing the deal button
  • Once you have placed your bet, just wait It will take a few seconds of time for your card to deal on the table.
  • Once you have seen your cards, you have to decide and make the next action which you like to do

You will have the following options to do

  1. Hit – Select “Hit” if you looking for another card from the dealer.
  2. Double – Select “Double” if they have given the option for you to do the second bet on the initially wagered amount.
  3. Stand – Select  “Stand” if you are ready to stick to your hands which you have already got.
  4. Split – Select “Split” if you are having a chance to split your hands into two sets.
  • Once you have finished your move, you have wait for the final show. Finally, the player one who is closest to 21 or closest to a blackjack online will win all the pot amount.


What Is The Best Hand In Online Blackjack Game?

1st Best Hand in Blackjacks

The 1st best hand in the blackjack card games is having a blackjack which is the initial two cards should have exactly 21.

2nd Best Hand in Blackjacks

The 2nd best hand in the blackjack games is having a casino blackjack online which is you should have exactly 21 with more than two cards.

3rd Best Hand in Blackjacks

The 3rd best hand is one who is closer to 21 and beats the dealer in the third turn of the card.