Nagaland State Lottery Live result of the Dear Vulture Evening is announced- 29/03/2019, Check Here!

Nagaland state lottery has announced the results of the Dear Vulture Evening on 29th March 2019 at 8.00 pm. Get the quick live lottery result for Nagaland state daily up to date here. Lottery results with an early update and corrected for lottery numbers in series. Get ready to know about the Friday results of the Dear Vulture Evening which gets published on the official website of the Nagaland lotteries and Lottery sambad. People can also check the results of the Dear Vulture Evening on our site Gambling India Info and see whether you get to win the prize money or not.

So just visit our site at the result timings and check out what the luck has been waiting for you today. Here is the Dear Vulture Evening result of Nagaland state lottery.

Nagaland Lottery Result – Dear Vulture Evening – 29/03/2019

1st Prize `26.00 Lakhs/-

Cons. Prize `1000/

2nd Prize ` 9000/-

3rd Prize ` 500/-

4th Prize ` 250/-

5th Prize ` 120/-


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