UP Govt Says Casinos, Betting in the state would not be permitted



The government of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) led by Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday announced that due to moral and economic reasons it would not permit casinos in the State. BJP Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Harshvardhan Bajpai asked at the state assembly on Monday whether the Uttar Pradesh government should consider issuing casinos licenses to improve tourism and tax revenue and discourage illegal gambling in the state.

In response to this, Minister of Industrial Development Satish Mahana made clear the position of the state government stating, “No, a casino is a certain form of gambling facility… By legalizing casinos, it would be difficult to avoid legally gambling, betting, and lottery.” He said that licensing casinos would promote gambling practices that could adversely affect law and order, and have detrimental effects on the economic and moral circumstances of individuals.

On the other hand, Bajpai stated gambling is already popular at U.P. Through the IPL cricket season, and people traveling to Nepal for it as well, legalizing it would help generate state revenue.

Even states like Karnataka, Puducherry, and Goa have recently seen some ministers and MLAs supporting legalization and enabling new casinos to be opened to fill government coffers.

Goa State Ports Minister Michael Lobo recently indicated that casinos on the Mandovi river should also be permitted to continue operations while more casinos should be introduced on other state rivers to increase state revenue. Lobo even proposed that Matka be legalized in Goa, to increase government revenue and discourage illegal Matka rackets.

Karnataka’s Minister of Tourism C T Ravi previously made a complete 360 on his plan to open Vegas-Gaming Station in the state to attract travelers and increase revenue after encountering criticism from party members including Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Prahlad Joshi.

Puducherry CM V. Narayanasamy’s plan to establish state casinos was also objected by Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi of the union territory, who referred the plan to open Puducherry casinos and the proposed amendments to the Puducherry Gaming Act of 1965 to the Ministry of Home Affairs.


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