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Video Poker Games Free at Casino India

How to Play Video Poker games?

There are different variants of video poker games available in Casino India and you can choose from those game variations. When it comes playing it online, all video poker games operate under a similar set of rules:

  • In Standard poker table, poker hands are used
  • You will be given five starting cards.
  • You can choose to hold or drop any or all of your cards.
  • All cards you choose to drop will be replaced in a random draw
  • If  your hand now matches any of the qualifying poker hands, you win the game/prize

Rank of Video Poker Hands

What are the rules to play video poker games? To learn rules, you have to understand the video poker hand rankings. All games are based on five-card poker hands, which rank as follows:

These are all examples of winning hands for online video poker. They include:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of A Kind
  • Two Pair
  • Pair
  • High Card

Royal flush: Ace-king-queen-jack-10 all should be the same suit (hearts, clubs, spades, or diamonds).


Video Poker - Royal Flush

Straight flush: Any five consecutive cards of the same suit. Example: 5, 6,7,8,9 all of the Diamonds.

Video Poker - Straight Flush

Four of a kind: Any Four cards of the same rank.  Example:  Ace of Hearts, Ace of Spades, Ace of Clubs and Ace of Diamonds.

Video Poker - Four of a kind

Full house: Any three cards of one rank, two cards of another rank; Example: Queen of Diamonds, Q of Hearts, Q of Spades, J of Clubs, J of Diamonds.

Video Poker - Full House

Flush: Five cards of the same suit; Example: Ace, Jack, 9, 6, 3, all of the Diamonds.

Video Poker - Flush

Straight: Five consecutive cards of mixed suits; Example: 5 of spades, 6 of diamonds, 7 of spades, 8 of diamonds, 9 of clubs.

Video Poker - Straight

Three of a kind: Three cards of the same rank; Example: 2 of hearts, 2 of Spades, 2 of diamonds.

Video Poker - Three of a Kind

Two Pair: Two cards of one rank, two cards of another rank; Example: ace of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, King of Hearts, King of Spades.

Video Poker - Two Pair

Pair of jacks or better: When you have two jacks, queens, kings, or aces. Or whoever has the highest numbers will win.

History of Online Video Poker Games

What is the origin of Poker? The matter on poker’s exact origins stays open for Debate. However, most of the experts come up with one name, when it comes to poker’s origin – Jonathan Green, who played on riverboats along the Mississippi River. He was the first person who referred about poker in 1834 and called it ”the cheating game”. Despite the cheating element in the game, it gained huge popularity right from the beginning and spread to as far as the East Coast.

At the very beginning poker was a game of 20 cards, later it became a game of 32 cards. Finally, a 52-card game with the inclusion of 2 Jokers is evolved. There are many movies that came with Poker as its core plot.  Among the most notable movies, which provided a glance at the game of poker, was ”Maverick” from 1994 with Mel Gibson in the lead role. Poker is the most played card game among the card game lovers.

Video poker Games first became commercially feasible when it became economical to combine a television-like Screen with a strong central processing unit. The earliest Video poker models appeared like the first personal computers that were produced in the mid-1970s, although they were ancient by today’s standards.Video poker became more firmly established when SIRCOMA (Si Redd’s Coin Machines) introduced Draw Poker in 1979. Throughout the 1980s video poker became increasingly popular in casinos, as people found the devices less complicated than playing table games.

The first online Video Poker game was introduced by popular casino game provider Microgaming in 1994. Gradually new games and features were added, and now online Video Poker offers even more game variety, with more betting options available. Players can even play progressive Video Poker games free with big jackpots.

Today online video poker enjoys a prominent place among Online Casino game lovers. The game is especially popular among Las Vegas people, now slowly started playing by Indian players. A few people who are skilled in calculating odds have made plenty of money playing online video poker.

Some of video poker games that we have in Casino India are,

  • Jacks or Better
  • Bally’s All American
  • Tens or Better
  • Joker’s Wild
  • Deuces Wild
  • Sigma Flush Attack
  • Bonus Poker
  • Double Bonus
  • Double Double Bonus

Now that you know what is video poker and how to win, let’s go to play a variety of Video poker games Free and check our skills. Play our various Video Poker Games Free and Have unlimited Fun!!

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